The Crested Buttes Historic Walking Tour

Dated: 07/11/2019

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The Crested Butte’s Historic Walking Tour offers exciting and educational information about the town’s cultural and historical significance. From its rich backstory, to its awesome architectural designs, to its breathtaking views, everyone should try the tour at least once.
The journey starts at the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum, located at 331 Elk Avenue, where  they offer tour guides during the summer and winter season. Currently, the tours are on Tuesday & Thursday at 9 am and take about an hour or an hour and a half to finish. You can go with a group of three or more which only costs $10 per person, and all the proceeds go to the Museum’s general operating fund.

Crested Butte today is known as Colorado’s wildflower capital, because of the variety of wildflowers that blossom almost everywhere, which gives off this sort of sea of color when one goes hiking and biking throughout spring and summer. Crested Butte is also fondly referred to as ‘The Last Great Colorado Ski Town’, which attracts a lot of tourists during the winter season to participate in winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, sleighing and so on.
However, before all of that, this area became a town in 1880 and was originally a supply town of hard rock for other towns around it, like Aspen and Gothic, then later on became a mining town, particularly for coal. Unlike other towns that mined silver and gold, being a supply town for coal and hard rock, the infrastructures of the past were a little bit more humble, with most of the buildings having wooden framing. In fact, most of the infrastructures were built using all the materials available, giving off a strong rustic look that seem okay to embrace what mountain living is. To this day, a lot of homes, condos and other infrastructure, still cling to this rustic look, giving homage to the culture of Crested Butte.

From left to right: Heather, Susan and Glo.

The tour is absolutely delightful. Susan, one of my team members and I started the tour, we were assisted by Glo Cunningham, our tour guide, who has lived in the Crested Butte area for around 42 years and has seen a lot of changes. She added so much color to the facts about Crested Butte. She has a townie bike that is decorated with flowers, and she participates in the Crested Butte community quite actively. Everyone knows Glo.
We particularly enjoyed learning about the oldest buildings on Elk, and that Crested Butte was a supplier of coal, ice and potatoes back in the day. Many of the buildings that make up Elk Street today were 3 different structures that were put together, and you can see the seams of the buildings that don’t match up because they were different structures. Glo’s theory is that as families grew, they would take an old cabin and attach it to their current home giving an instant addition.
The buildings included in the tour were: the Masonic Hall, the city hotel, the company store, the two-story outhouse, the Coal Creek Building, the Forest Queen, the Kochevar Building, the Elk Mountain Lodge, the Powerhouse, and so on. Each building had its own backstory, filled with interesting historic figures that played a part in their creation and brought the character and purpose for the town. A couple of buildings had their own ghost stories that gave even more emphasis to their tale.
We also learned about the Crested Butte Hot Shot firefighters whom were among the best in Colorado. This was particularly interesting to us because my husband, is a current local firefighter to our great town.
If you’re interested to learn about this educational tour with a cause, with you friends and family, feel free to visit Crested Butte. The articles below, hopefully can inform you about the flight schedules coming to and going out of the area.
Flight Schedules in Crested Butte
If I can help you with a real estate purchase or if you are ready to sell, let me buy you a cup of coffee and let’s discuss Crested Butte’s potential.

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